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Austin 2013 020In my past I have the thrill of  living in five different states in the Union.  Each one had its unique and special features.  However, only one had a magical aura about it.  You could not ignore it.

Usually, folks quickly ask, “What’s it like to live in Texas?  Isn’t it hot down there?”
My standard response is, “It’s really hot and humid during July and August.  But, during the rest of the year it is amazing!”
So often people then add, “Oh, I can’t stand the heat!”
Anticipating their reply, “That’s what A/C is for.  Besides it is great for the complexion.  Your skin is naturally moisturized.”

They usually laugh.  I grin.  Then, I fill in the rest of the story.  Texas is an amazing place to live.  It is the people.  There is an welcoming spirit there in Houston that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Hospitality and and general friendliness are pervasive around our neighborhood, new acquaintances and even the

Austin 2013 023Patriotism is alive and well in Texas.  For any national holidays Old Glory is flying in front of so many homes that it looks like there is going to be a parade down our street.

Freedom is an openly treasured and appreciated value by Texans.  businesses where we pay our patronage.  In the short time that we have been here we have had more interaction with our neighbors than we have in all of the combined locations that we have lived in the last 20 years.

Diversity is huge in Houston.  In 2012 our city became the most diverse city in the USA.  It surpassed New York City for that distinction.  Houston is actively resettling refugees and attracted large numbers of ethnic groups to our city.

Austin 2013 025Foreign languages are commonly heard whether we are shopping, walking or waiting in lines.  While our languages are different, our customs are distinct and our ancestries are from different parts of the globe, we all quickly adopt our Texas spirit of unity and pride.  “Remember the Alamo” is not just a piece of history, it is a hunger of the soul that all Texans enjoy together.

The state seal, the State Senate Chamber and the House Chamber are decorated with paintings and artifacts of history that makes the heart beat stronger.  While I was not born here in Texas, I can say that I am glad that I got here as soon as I could.  The Spirit of Texas has captured me.

photo credit: brucefong photography