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IMG_1696My departure time for work was hours away.  I gathered my gumption and headed off on my bicycle to hunt for alligators.  My only weapon was my I-phone camera.

I have heard stories of these reptiles making visits in our neighborhood.  One family was startled when a five foot gator used their doggy door and relaxed on their kitchen floor.   I was glad that we don’t have a pet entrance.  My neighbor laughed and assured me that we would have to live a lot closer to the waterways to experience a story like that.

Still, I wondered where these creatures lived when they weren’t invading the domiciles of us average Homo sapiens. IMG_1699 That’s the curiosity that got my trip on two wheels humming.  Maybe the morning sun would  bring these beasts out into the open and I could witness one living in neighborhood pond.

South Peek is a pleasant road for an easy ride.  Two and a half miles into my ride I spied my turn-off up ahead.  A pedestrian walkway was zebra striped on the asphalt with bright yellow pedestrian signs accompanied with flashing lights.  I turned on to the pathway that was part of the Buffalo Bayou Trail.

It wasn’t long until I turned again.  Within a hundred yards from S. Peek Rd a sign on the Trail pointed to an Observation Deck.  I followed the pathway to a wooden deck built over a pond.

IMG_1694Before a I went further I looked carefully all around the deck.  Nothing seemed suspicious.  I rolled my bike on the platform and saw the warning sign.

Officials have posted a warning.  Feeding or enticing the alligators was a Class “C” Misdemeanor.  It could be punishable by a fine up to $500.  Naturally, I comply to the laws that govern our land.

I was not interested in breaking the law.  Instead, I simply wanted to see an alligator in our neighborhood.  Carefully and quietly I peered into the waters surrounding the deck.  Nothing.IMG_1702

I walked over to the other side and again scanned the waters and the edges but there were no reptiles to be seen.  On a log, however, there was a large terrapin.  He was sunning himself and holding perfectly still but he was obvious.

No alligators but the sign still is rather exciting to have in the neighborhood.  It certainly captures my attention.  Maybe some day it will come true.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography


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