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Game 2 of the 2012 World Series was not played during a convenient time for my busy schedule.  Even if it was I didn’t have time to commit to a three hour game.  But, a great solution came my way.

A long-time friend had recorded the game.  I was delighted.  Now, I could watch it during my vacation.

Best of all, I could fast-forward through the commercials, commentaries and delay-of-games.  Even more, I could concentrate on my favored teams’ hitting.  My friend even gave me the courtesy of NOT telling me the outcome.  

My anticipation was heightened.  He told me that it was a great game and very close.  His smile meant that he enjoyed the match-up.

St. Louis was leading the series 1-0.  If they could win game two, then the pressure would be on Texas facing an uphill climb.  I wondered who would win game 2.

I fast-forwarded through all of the extras.  Just to save time I also advanced the recording through many of the early innings.  I saw two amazing defensive highlights by the Rangers, both at second base.

The Cardinals returned the favor with a brilliant double-play on the very two Texas players who were the heroes on second base outs against them.  It was fabulous baseball.  Even though the game was tied at zero the anticipation kept me curious.

Then, after the 7th inning stretch, the game became very interesting.  St. Louis drove in a run and the stalemate at zero was ended.  The beginning of the 9th was now a pressure cooker for the Texas visitors.

Nolan Ryan looked concerned.  The Cardinal fans were ecstatic at the possibilities.  They were on their feet ready for win #2.

The Rangers would not die.  They drove in a run and the game was tied.  Shock and worry swept over the stadium.

Again the Texas bats sounded; the crack of the ball meeting the laws of physics.  Runners advanced.  The go-ahead Ranger run crossed home plate.

It was the bottom of the ninth.  The host team had their final at bat.  Would they swing and win?  Could this exciting game give the home fans what they wanted?

I would never know.  The DVR did not have enough recording time for the game.  Game 2 went longer than scheduled.  The bottom of the ninth inning was NOT recorded. 

I ran upstairs. “The recording ran out at the middle of the ninth!  Who won?”

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