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It’s time to trade in my faithful Bubba for a new and improved version. That’s tough for a life that is wired to be loyal. Brand loyalty, friendship loyalty and of course family loyalty are all free-flowing throughout my blood system.

He still had great shine on his coat.  The premium wheels added to his unique rugged appeal.  Even the carpet had done well to show very little wear over the years of transporting so many friends, family and business connections.

I did my homework.  Like every guy who loves his truck I had to know the realistic numbers.  What would this world which only puts its stock in profit, grapples with countless vehicles that flood the used car market estimate the value of my trusty steed?

I went on-line to Kelly Blue Book.  It is the standard that everyone uses to find an objective pricing for a used vehicle.  Every question I answered with objective bias.

The  moment of truth arrived.  With one more key stroke I would see a value flash on my screen.  Already I could feel my body tense and my mind fill with the preparation for a shockingly undervalued estimate of my priceless truck.

Yes, I was not to be disappointed.  It was unbelievably low.  But, snarling at the computer for its assessment never accomplished much in the past, so I didn’t say much but only frowned at my portal into cyberspace.

That was actually weeks ago.  In the mean time I let the stunning annoying insult simmer.  Slowly, I came to grips with the reality of the situation and swallowed hard to accept the disappointing news.

However, armed with the facts and the affirmation of the objective standard price in my mind I entered the world of shopping-for-a-new vehicle.  When the pro smiles and asked me for the keys to my rig I proudly handed them over for their inspection.  I was sure that they would love my truck, compliment me on its great condition and offer me a great trade-in price.

The earlier shock in front of my computer doesn’t compare to the stunning news delivered to me in person.  These guys liked what they saw.  Of course they could see detailed upkeep had been showered on my 4×4 but after they told me how much they would give me in trade . . . I’m still driving my faithful ride today, at least for a little while longer.

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