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IMG_4299This stretch of Interstate 10 is part of our daily routine.  It is how I go to work and how we get home to our beloved Katy, Texas.  The sights along the route are becoming familiar landmarks to our progress to our final destination.

We are used to 18 wheelers roaring by with their load of product for the local big box store or the distribution center for small businesses or massive tanker transporting a load of petroleum product to the local refinery.  There are the thousands of personally owned vehicles mixing pick-up trucks, cars and motorcycles.  It takes something unusual to capture the attention of unflappable Texans.

A bright orange tractor trailer rig captured our attention.  There were no sirens or flashing lights.  The driver was simply moving his mighty machine down the freeway with swift aplomb.

His load filled up my rear view mirror.  I could not tell what it was.  All I could be certain was that it was massive.

He came up even to my little pickup truck.  I was holding on to my steering wheel to compensate for the draft and wind suction that was likely to come.  The roar of the truck and sheer size of its load made many cars steer clear out of his space.

Once we were even, I glanced over to see what it was he was hauling.  I did not recognize the vehicle.  It was not your neighbor’s family van.

Five wheels maneuvered this machine around.  Each tire was bigger than my truck.  It had treads that clearly favored off-road travel more than the pavement of an instate.

Someone out there knows exactly what this vehicle is.  I do not.  Someone out there designed this vehicle and knows exactly what it is capable of doing.  I do not.

The picture shows an absence of markings.  There is no white star to show that it was Army.  Yet, it is clearly military.

Maybe the photo that my wife captured on my digital camera is telling.  The building behind the massive machine had its American flag proudly waving 20 stories high.  It became the identifying mark for this vehicle for that point in time.

The US military makes us proud, eh?  Men and women who train to protect our nation and our freedom in a very unfriendly world.  It is a blessing to a citizen of this great land and enjoy a special Wow on the freeway.

photo credit: fong photography