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IMG_1727It had been a very long weekend.  A group of five churches had been in a long time planning for a Missions Conference and they invited me to be one of their speakers. I was very pleased to accept their invitation.

I would speak four times.  Once on Friday night, once Saturday morning and then two different times on Sunday morning.  Of course this much speaking in a compact span of time called for some advanced preparation.

There is a full-time job that keeps me occupied during the week.  My speaking on weekends is part of my job.  This  means long days, tiring hours and bleary-eyed moments.

The first speaking session was an hour-long.  The conferees were very responsive.  They stayed with me the entire session.  It was very gratifying.

Then, Saturday morning came early.  My commute to this first venue was nearly an hour.  There is no direct route and traffic was merciless.

Once the Saturday session was over, we drove home and I immediately began studying for Sunday morning.  I would be speaking two different messages.  They would be back-to-back separated by a mere 10 minute break.

This marathon speaking session would be in a different venue.  It was an hour’s drive away from our home but in a different direction.  Saturday night went late as I wrapped some intense studying.  Sunday morning I was up early doing a final preparation.

After the two speaking sessions I was visiting with many people.  I sat down exhausted.  Looking over my options we could have easily gone home.  Instead, we made it to our home church in time for the 5:30 PM service.

Some would have said that it was overkill after our long and busy weekend.  We looked at it differently.  We love our new church and our new pastor.  It is a privilege to go to worship and be refreshed and learn from his challenge from the Word of God.

The worship refreshed me.  I was afraid that I was so tired that I would drift off during the service.  God gave great stimulation, raptured me in worship and challenged me with the Word from Pastor Gregg’s preaching.

In my weariness I sensed the joy of worship.  I sang from deep in my soul.  Before I was spent.  I could not give any more.  Now it was time to let our amazing worship team and pastor fill my empty reservoirs.  They led me to the throne for renewal.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography