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So many lives lost…no good reason.

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So many more lives lost…still no good reason.

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Dallas 2013 105 - CopyIn the seemingly endless conflict among countries in Asia, China is almost always involved just due to her sheer size. However, the resources in that great land are vital aspects for interests in China.  This great potential has made her the focus of international domination for centuries.

China covers around 3.7 million square miles of land.  Natural resources make her the envy of many countries.  This is not a new phenomenon but an ancient one.

Before the second world war, China had a longstanding and stalwart relationship with the USA.  In large part due to the aggression of Japan, China sought an ally during the Japanese days of imperialism.  This friendship kept China from falling into the hands of dominating countries.

The decade before the Great War, China was politically weak.  It made her a vulnerable prey to countries who lusted after China’s natural resources.  Some way some how this giant of a nation needed a hero.

General Ho Shai Lai filled the need of someone who loved his country, China.  He could forge international relationships for her benefit and also take up arms in her defense.   Ho was trained in the US Army Staff College in Kansas.  There he learned the skills of warfare and forged friendships for himself and his country.

During the deeply and intensely volatile struggle with Japan, it was Ho who cultivated relationships with the USA in China’s favor.  He gained invaluable experience and national position during China’s War of Resistance.  As complicated as the international struggles were, friendship with the West was China’s insurance against a hostile take-over.

When Japan first struck out with its military might, China was the target.  China was the first nation to be attacked but also the first to fight back.  It was a bloody struggle that counted casualties in the millions.

Not only were the casualties grave, the injustices and atrocities were abominable.  China was embittered due to the vicious and inhumane treatment under the invaders.  Her valiant people struggled to survive deeply appreciative to the USA for its aid in the battle.

General Ho serving under Chiang Kai-shek led, fought, negotiated, served, represented his nation before the world.  His presence is forever a part of the history of China managing to live through WWII.  While millions died, tens of millions survived.  This brave and devoted patriot deserves the credit for many and much of China’s emergence as a nation developing national unity, growing economy and political regard.

photo credit: brucefong photography


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