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A bad experience of severe mistreatment is enough to make most people keep their heads low or maybe even steer clear of an area of bad memories.

Should fear keep a tight rein our life choices and play a large role in our decisions? Check out the news and we will not likely choose to venture into the riot areas of our country. We would especially be reticent to return especially if we were abused, treated harshly, falsely accused, threatened, or slandered. Why go back and give proven enemies a chance to hurt us again?

Jesus sets a new example for us to follow. Instead of allowing fear to check our choices, he confidently walked where the Father directed him. Darkness is a poor choice when it comes to selecting a place to walk. The dangers of stumbling in darkness are great. Given a choice it is far wiser to walk in the light and any stumbling threats can be avoided.

This is one of those moments when the Savior gives us a chance to think. Humans may have mistreated us in our past. But, if the Father directs us to return to that geographical area we will no safer in his will than at any other place of our choosing. Trust him to keep you safe. Jn11