Yvonne and I would like to thank everyone for outpouring of prayers, words of cheer and generous gifts. I wish that I could write to each of you but unfortunately ALS has taken away my ability to type or text. Slowly ALS is taking away my ability to talk so with no communication abilities left, I wait for an available amanuensis or a scribe. Today, my daughter, Kristin, has taken over on my behalf.

First, to all of my family, thanks for all the great times of food, laughs and and great adventures. All of you have been part of making up my life.

To all my friends who have been sprinkled through the years of my life, I thank God for each of you. Thank you for the way you grew my life and for bringing blessings and lessons that made my life become what God intended it to be. It seems like every time God needed me to learn something, find good cheer, or clear discernment, He brought one or more of you along just at the right time.

To my esteemed colleagues, thanks for graciously giving me the benefit of your expertise and superior fellowship. It has been an honor to learn from what you have passed on to me in conversation, debate and published words. I look forward to many more times of learning at the feet of our Savior throughout eternity.

To all of my amazing students, it has been a real treat to be your teacher. May your collective lives of service be a great joy to the Lord. It has been an amazing journey to go from being sharers of information to see God transform us into friends and co-laborers in the Lord’s work.

I don’t know how often I will be able to return to write but I will as long as God gives opportunity and strength. For now, you can continue to write to me through my blog. In the meantime, remember that very special word during every part of your life, “Joy!”

Hello Friends and Family of Bruce Fong,

We wanted to share an update on dad’s health: https://gofund.me/f4b6d4fe. Thanks so much for the prayers and for those who have already reached out.

God Bless,

Bruce’s Six Kids (as he always refers to us)

My powered wheelchair is my new world. I can only go where it can go. Now, while I am close to home, I can roam around our home unsupervised, at least on the first floor.

Life is ample and expanded. Personal grooming is all done by Yvonne. My diseases have robbed me of most motor functions. It’s a lot of work but Yvonne goes about it with aplomb and determination. What an exemplary servant!

It is teaching me humility and patience! What an honor to receive necessary mundane services with love and sacrifice. God is giving me firsthand experiences through one of his choicest emissaries, my wife.

In the frightening world of incurable diseases so many of you have banded with us trusting the God who makes himself clearly known. When there so little to count on in the search for peace, Scores of you join with us in remembering to embrace faith in the Savior.

God never asked my permission before assigning any path for me to walk. I am certain my best course is to step confidently down the path in front of me and best glorify him.

Thanks for your prayers. Keep them coming. We will see what only God can do. Joy!

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My doctors agree that I am sick. I have CIDP with ALS in the picture. Both diseases are formidable – no known cure.

They affect my nerves, weaken my muscular tissue. Each robs me of motor skills. I am in a wheelchair. Prayers appreciated.

There were no models of fancy engagement proposals in my background. Yvonne and I just knew as we grew together that we would be together for life. We shared, made memories, dreamed, voiced our fears and our dreams. It was a blessing to grow together.

We shopped for a ring together. It was just natural to do it. Once they were fitted and we were able to pay them off, we picked them up.

Then, one evening as we finished off our date, I took her by her hands, told her that I loved her, and asked if she would do me the honor of being my wife.

Life accelerated after that. The plans, news to share, and calendar management were all a part of coming days. It was the best decision that we ever made and has proven true to this day. No, it wasn’t fancy, but it was permanent.

Discretion was my guiding operational function. Slowly, I turned to see whose voice had captured my attention. Once that face was etched in my mind, I took every opportunity to join in the group discussion, and of course turn my attention towards Yvonne.

Now, my whole Christmas break was up for an audible. No matter what I tried, it seemed to work. Casual walks. friendly talks, invitations, and everything serendipitous fit together.

We went out, exchanged vital contact information, and mutually sensed something happening. My plane ride back to Texas gave me plenty of time to plot out possibilities. Long distance phone calls, writing letters, sending gifts, and praying for a special lady took over my life. I was so pleased to experience that wonderful journey.

All other interests just faded away. God showed me my target and it was time to hunt. Everything concentrated on getting to know this one life. I was smitten.

I arrived at the retreat center with enthusiasm. Conversation after conversation unfolded. Great news happening in the lives of great friends filled my mind. The speaker was good, the worship was excellent, and testimonies were stimulating.

The weather turned for the worse. Heavy rains and stormy winds led to the cancellation of all outdoor activities. Undeterred, we all made adjustments to our expectations.

At first I stayed in my cabin. I was going to study for the upcoming sermon for the next Sunday to be preached in San Francisco. But, it was just too weird being sequestered alone after a long first semester in seminary. Bah, I gathered my notes and headed up to the gathering area where everyone was squashed in from the rain. A cozy fire was attracting a lot of attention. I joined the milling crowd.

A welcome spot on a sofa was just what I needed. Then, I opened my Bible and notes and tried to study. But, there was a distraction. Behind me a group conversation was taking place. They were talking about the “chain of command” in marriage and family. That topic was intriguing but I was captivated by one of the voices in the group. It was the sexiest voice I have ever heard.

My first semester at Dallas Theological Semester was entering the books of history. It was time to make my plans for Christmas. I was looking forward to the break.

With my carefully earned savings I bought a round trip red-eye airplane special to my home state. The big draw was the Winter retreat of my home church for college and career students. It was scheduled for our traditional site of the Ponderosa Lodge on the grounds of Mt. Hermon Christian Conference Center.

Many good friends excitedly told me that they would be at the retreat. Anticipation of reunions are thrilling. Also, a church in San Francisco asked me to speak at their morning service when I was home for the break. Relatives also told me to fill in their Christmas celebrations while I was home for the break.

Now, my two week hiatus from my first year at seminary was all set. In the back of my mind were several connections with wonderful women that I wondered if they would develop. I had to leave that option up to the Almighty.

Dallas Theological Seminary welcomed me as new student during the Fall of 1974. Finding work, locating a new church, meeting new friends, setting up my study routine, finding my way around a new city in a new state were all challenges. Of course at the ripe age of 23 old friends and new friends were introducing me to my future “Mrs.”

Friends invited me to check out their church. Their friendliness often came with a “Oh, by the way, I would like you to meet …” Naturally, it was polite to go along with the introduction, be friendly, Christian, and naturally charming. Finding a lifelong partner was way up on my prayer list, so I was a-tuned to however God would sovereignly lead as I tested the opportunities.

Those meetings were fun, fascinating, and a distraction from rigors of seminary studies. Pleasant conversation, hearing stories of another person’s life, tracing the spiritual pilgrimage of another was always a curiosity, and of course wondering if God was starting a connection with my life partner was always on my mind.

The age-old question of how a person really knows when he meets Miss Right still lies in the foggy realm of the mysterious. Yet, I noticed some clues. First, godly friends have great hearts. Their tastes in possibilities was always commendable. But, that intangible subjective chemistry seemed to have its grip on the pathway to “I do.”