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The article on the inherent dangers of sugar made sense. A little bit goes a long way. But, a little bit of sugar just doesn’t seem to be the operational mode for any drink that uses sugar at all.

Finally, some relief.  The featured piece did make an allowance.  Since diet drinks did not use sugar, any of those options were legitimate.

Not long ago I was sipping on my diet drink.  Then, I was reading an article on the dangers of sugar substitutes.  It was even difficult to pronounce the names of these replacement sweeteners.

Of course the point of the article was to try to dissuade people from drinking the suspicious diet drink. Who knows what affects those horrible beverages will have on the innocent human body. But, at least there was some hope in this read as well.

Tea was a good option. Everything was natural. Tea was beneficial in fighting many diseases and illnesses.

Following the health nut recommendation, I was sipping on my bottle of green tea.  Of course I was reading an article. It was a connoisseur of teas that was being interviewed but of course another health tabloid.

She was saying that tea was a wonderful beverage. However, only drink freshly brewed teas. Bottled teas don’t have along shelf life and turn acidic over time. Acidic teas neutralize many of the health benefits from drinking teas.

Being the compliant learner that I am, I set aside my bottled green tea and began brewing my own.  The aroma was wonderful.  A hot cup of great smelling tea was the kind of comfort food that makes our day go along well.

Then, while enjoying a comfortable seat, enjoying the internal warmth from my freshly brewed cup of tea, I casually read the health wise article in front of me.  The missive traced the production of  materials used by many companies selling tea for tea bag brewing.

Shock! This material is cheaply made and massively exported all over the world.  The problem is that the production is unregulated and the materials used are carcinogenic! Good grief!

What’s a conscientious person supposed to drink around here, anyway?

Jesus turned the water NOT into diet soda.  Nor did He turn it into bottle green tea.  He didn’t even turn it into freshly brewed tea.  It was wine!

Pass me a bottle, quickly! I’m thirsty.


This is almost incomprehensible.  I actually am living and I am 65 years old.  For many years I will openly admit that I thought that this was not just a number, this was a symbol for OLD.

There was plenty of warning for this landmark in life.  The US mail service started it.  In each of my daily deliveries there were invitations to join old people’s groups.  Retirement plans, parties, investments and “special” products took up most of my mailbox space.

Maybe being frugal was finally an asset.  Discounts were mixed into this onslaught of advertisements.  Businesses wanted to attract loyalty to the almighty discount for Seniors.

The Feds were in on this too.  They kept sending reminders of Social Security.  The not so subtle message was work longer before drawing on your retirement funds.

Clearly they were running out of money and wanted to kick the old people can down the road before paying up.  OK.  I’ll work a few more years longer.

Uncle Sam doesn’t know it but I love doing my job.  Every day it is not about how to survive on a fixed income but on how I can make a difference in the lives of other people.  In fact I am privileged to make an eternal difference in the lives of other people.

I get to expand the everlasting news in the lives of people with the hours that I put into my daily job.  Calling it a “job” is a misnomer.  It is a ministry where I have the joy of teaching truth and loving well.

That’s the motto of my occupation.  I teach the Bible.  No it’s not old worn out religion.  It is lively and delightful joy.

Jesus Christ is at the center of all that I do.  He is not fiction or imaginative “good luck”.  Instead, He is the real deal.  Jesus brings love and forgiveness into the lives of people.

My “job” is to pass that good news on to as many people as possible.  Retirement is not in the picture.  As long as God gives good health, I will keep on doing this “work”.

Maybe it’s this life that keeps me feeling young and going strong.  Even at 65 I have my eyes set on making the next 5 years the best years of my life.  Want to join me?

IMG_4424Fourth grade was a time for changes that would follow me for my entire life.  My mom told me that I was going to be out of school for a half day.  Like the steady obedient child that I was my response was melodramatic, “Sure.”

The next thing I knew I was in an examination chair following the orders of a man in a white lab coat.  We were surrounded by odd looking instruments.  It was dark.

He told me to look through the eyepieces of a weird looking machine.  It was like a pair of binoculars but there was nothing streamlined about it.  The chin piece was uncomfortable and the headpiece dug into my forehead.

“Tell me which row of letters is more clear, A or B,” he rapidly directed.
“A,” I said confidently.
“Which is clearer now, A or B?” he continued.
“B, I guess,” my uncertainty was honest.
“I…I…can’t tell,” my uncomfortableness at failing a test was becoming frustrating.

Before I knew what was happening I was fitted for my first pair of glasses.  My mom dropped me off at school.  All of the kids stared at me when I walked back into the classroom.

Ever since that day I tried many clip-on sunglasses, goggles, and over-glasses to shield my peepers from the bright rays of the sun.  None were comfortable and certainly “cool” was never a part of them.  Time has passed and it was time for a change.

A local eye wear company had a sale.  I picked up my new prescription glasses.  Along with them I received my first pair of prescription sunglasses.  Wow, it was fun to wear my “shades”.

They were light-weight.  My regular glasses could take a break.  Several compliments from my bride brought back the delight of feeling “cool” on a major scale.

Once the novelty had worn off, I noticed something about these prescription sunglasses.  They are so light-weight that I was not habitually pushing them up on my face at regular intervals.  That is such an annoying habit for all of us who wear glasses.

I tried contacts but my vision condition makes it difficult to fit for them.  My outdoor activities caused major discomfort then dust got in them.  It was precarious to be blinded by tears when I was in a dangerous situation.

Now, with corrective lenses built into my sun glasses, life is a step up.  Yay, for prescription shades!  I am pleased so many years after the fourth grade.

photo credit: brucefong photography