The opening scene for the Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp movie happened long before the film began.  Both actors have a remarkable appeal to those of us who are avid movie goers.  They have that indescribable panache that earns them star billing.

I was intrigued to see how the two would fare.  Would they have the kind of chemistry that Angelina has conjured up with leading men in the past?  Depp is a major talent, but would he connect with this starlet?

She appeared on the screen first.  All she had to do was walk down the street, sit at a table and climb aboard a subway train.  Already she had the attention of the police, secret agents and the mafia glued to her every move. 

Anticipation fed my intrigue to watch Depp in-character.  Would the instant eye contact with his costar make fireworks explode on the screen?  Did the director of the film make the chemistry the driving force of the story?

She was knowingly being followed by the authorities.  He communicated to her with well placed written notes.  The plan called for a diversion.

In order to throw the police off of their trail she needed to find a suitable man of his similar height and stature.  His identity was a secret even to the love of his life.  Plastic surgery gave him a new face.

Millions of dollars were in the hands of the scoundrel that Depp played.  Both the good guys and bad guys were trying to get him to get the money.

On a train she scanned her options of suitable men.  She chose Depp at random.  He would be the bait, the distraction, the meaningless filler in her life until she could escape the pursuit behind her and rendezvous with her lover.

Finally, the look between the two of them filled the screen.  I was so disappointed.  There was no magic.

Jolie was stunning but Depp seemed unable to connect.  He seemed out of step, awkward, hesitant.   This superstar was being overshadowed by the other A-list actress. 

Scene after scene reinforced my disappointment.  Soon I resolved to watch the movie for the sake of the story.  Action, intrigue, multi-layered extras made the movie believable.  Jolie was a superb entertainment.  Depp was along for the ride.

But, the story climaxed.  Guns blazed, officials looked puzzled.  In the end that’s when the Depp magic happened.

photo credit: google image